Battling Climate Change
Reducing carbon emissions in the Middle East is now considered a top priority after implementing green programs across the area. Reducing carbon emissions is essential for the Middle East's atmosphere, and increasing temperatures are due only to the region's heavy reliance on carbon.
For these green projects, Palm Crypto collects revenues and fees from utilities, then deposited into the treasury. The community then votes in a DAO on which environmental group to fund.

How the Middle East is suffering on the front lines of climate change ?

By the end of the century, daytime highs could reach 50Β°C, with 200 days of exceptional heat every year. And without urgent action to curb global emissions, according to research, cities in the region may become uninhabitable before 2100.
A short video brought by World economic Forum & Nasa plotting 3 scary ways climate change and human exploitation is changing the Middle East’s environment.
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